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Law Enforcement

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Breaching Technologies was founded by a law enforcement operator who decided to make breaching products that emulate realistic forces involved in breaching. The color-coded shear pin system allows breach training instructors to set the breach from 400 lbs. per square inch to 2700 lbs. per square inch to successfully breach the door, by doing this it keeps the trainee from developing a preprogrammed response such as when using wooden dowel rods or 2×2’s.

Now more than ever, law enforcement agencies must be prepared to safely overcome the threats faced during breaching. One of the best ways to minimize that risk is to limit your time on target. BTI’s unique, patented breaching training doors (designed by a former law enforcement operator) realistically emulate the variety of challenges encountered in breaching, providing your team with the knowledge and experience they need to quickly and effectively make entry. Additionally, our tactical tools, built tough with integrity in the USA, are provided with a lifetime warranty. Get the tools you need, the tools your team deserves, when lives are at risk.

Training Doors & Windows

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Ram Breaching Door

The BTI Ram Door is an inward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable Real-World Training. The Ram Door can be installed in an existing structure or can be utilized with the optional Leg Kit. Also Available in Reverse Opening

Pry Breaching Door

The BTI Pry Door is an outward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable pry breach training. The Pry Door can be installed in an existing structure or can be utilized with the optional Leg Kit.info

Ram-Pry Breaching Door


The BTI Ram-Pry Door is a versatile inward and outward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable Ram and Pry breaching training. Also available in Reverse Opening.

Reinforced Ram Pry Door


The BTI Reinforced Ram-Pry Door features a 1″ strike plate that allows for sledgehammer breaching.

Burglar Bar Breaching Door


The BTI Burglar Bar Door is an outward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable life-like Burglar Bar breach training.

Shotgun Breaching Door

The BTI Shotgun Door incorporates a unique multi-lock system for shotgun breach training. Our Shotgun Door can simulate up to 3-lock sets, utilizing the built-in panel system and patented BTI Shotgun Lock Panels.

Shotgun HInge Door

The BTI Shotgun Hinge door incorporates a unique inward falling door designed to protect trainees once the door has been breached. The Shotgun Hinge Door can simulate up to 3 hinges utilizing the patented hinge system with built-in shot deflector and the BTI Breaching 1-shot and 2-shot Shotgun Hinge Panels.

Training Window

BTI Window

The BTI Breaching Training Window Frame allows for training of quick and efficient window breaching using real glass panes. The BTI Training Window comes in a standard 39″x39″ size. We customize any size for an additional fee.

Mity Mouse Ram

The Mity Mouse is the ram of choice for standard field operations (SWAT, ERT, Military). This ram features Jamb Guards for tactical off-hand breaching, preventing the operators from injury when hitting an inset door.

Wasp Ram

The compact Wasp Ram is ideal for those tight spots when breaching in close quarters and its small size makes it ideal to be placed in the trunk of a patrol car as part of an emergency breaching kit.

Hornet 24"-30" Fiberglass Handle


The BTI Hornet is an affordable, light-weight tactical tool that features an extremely durable fiberglass handle. This tool is manufactured with a 24 inch or 30 inch handle.

Brake & Rake Tool


The unique head of the BTI Break & Rake is built with high strength, hardened 1/4″ AR500 steel for maximum durability. The hardened blade of the break & rake feature includes a sharpened point to punch through glass and serrated edges and a hook to extract curtains, window shades, and blinds.

Stinger Breaching Tool

The BTI Stinger is a robust light weight breaching tool designed for both residential construction and light commercial construction. The fiberglass handle is not designed for gaping procedures taught by firemen.

Halligan Tool

The BTI Halligan tool head is cast in HRc-34-36 hardened steel that is QPQ treated for durability and strength. The hardened blade of the halligan head is cast thin for quicker, precise sets into a door or burglar bar frame.

Stinger Steel Handle

BTI has steel handle tools are specifically designed for commercial construction and fortified structures.

When selecting a kit first decide what type of targets you intend to hit. Is it standard residential construction? Is it a commercial building or a hardened target such as a narcotics location? You must also determine how far you normally travel on foot carrying your tools. Do you need a bag or tool holders.

Each kit is specifically designed for specific types of breaching. For general purpose breaching we recommend the Patrol Kit.  For heavy duty breaching we recommend our Commercial Kits.

BTI Patrol Kit


BTI Rescue Kit

BTI Commercial Door Took Kit

BTI Tactical Tool Kit

Consumables & Replacement Parts

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Breaching Pins

BTI’s unique training door system relies on the use of specialized breaching pins that are designed to replicate real world forces found in the field of operation.

Shotgun Door Panels

The two Shotgun Breaching Doors that BTI offers utilize these Shotgun Door Panels that are manufactured to simulate door lock mechanisms. Each shotgun door panel can be shot twice.

Shotgun Hinge Panels

The BTI Shotgun Hinge Door utilize proprietary Shotgun Hinge Panels that are manufactured to simulate door hinges that allow the door to fall inward when breached.

Pry Door Wood Inserts

Pry Door Wood Inserts are designed for use with BTI Pry Doors and the Ram-Pry Door. This insert is intended to simulate the resistance met when setting a pry tool between the door and the frame.

Accessories & Gear

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Rescue Knives

Infinity Tactical OTF Strike Force Gen 3
This is a great addition to the BTI Rescue Kit.

BTI Breaching Gloves

The BTI Breaching Glove is designed specifically for breachers.  The fingerless design allows for dexterity when handling breaching tools and also aids in trigger manipulation when handling a weapon.

Breaching Bags


Tactical Bag makes it convenient to rapidly deploy breaching tools into the field. The Bag can be carried by the handle or slung over the shoulder so that operator is not burdened and can deploy their weapons while approaching their target.

Tool Holder

BTI tool holders are designed to fit most BTI tactical tools, and are built with durable and heat-resistant material. Also designed to fit with molle gear.