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If you want to be a better breacher use better tools! Breaching Technologies Inc.

Breaching Tools
Built Tough with Integrity

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Law Enforcement

Breaching Technologies was founded by a law enforcement operator who decided to make breaching products that emulate realistic forces involved in breaching.


Breaching Technologies has been the first choice for many military units. BTI doors have been used for military training since 2003 when BTI sent 20 Ram Doors to Camp Pendleton.

Fire & Rescue

BTI now offers forceable entry doors and tools for the fire and rescue service.


Breaching Technologies, Inc. is eager to ally with and support qualified organizations that can constructively expand BTI’s presence in the market.


Get the most effective and dependable breaching tools and equipment available. Whether military, law enforcement, firefighter or other first responder, quickly gain access while minimizing risks to your team with Breaching Technologies, Inc. (BTI) – the originator of breaching training doors. Built Tough with Integrity!


BTI breaching tools and equipment are used by over 2000 military, law enforcement and firefighting teams around the world (including elite SEAL and MARSOC operations and numerous law enforcement SWAT teams). Tactical operators have learned to rely on the unique utility and made-in-the-USA integrity that only BTI tools provide. Designed by a
former law enforcement professionals, and covered by 23 patents and counting, most BTI hand tools come with lifetime warranties! For those qualifying, BTI products are easy to procure from the GSA schedule . Get the best! Get BTI!