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BTI Dealer of Record Program


BTI’s DOR Program is designed to enhance the efforts and financially reward those dealers who and are actively pursuing business opportunities within the breaching community. Our DOR program is founded on the following:

Dealer originates a sales opportunity by on site demonstrations of our products or putting a significant amount of time into educating and selling to a qualified customer. Please note that not every sale will qualify as a DOR sale. If someone simply asks for pricing, or our product is requested on an existing bid, this does not qualify for DOR pricing. The DOR program is dependent upon the dealer’s initiation of business. Please be sure to fully document the work you’ve done to support your request for DOR Pricing.​

Dealer fills out and submits DOR form along with a quote request to DOR@breachingtechnologies.com. The DOR form is available on our website www.breachingtechnologies.com at any time. BTI will confirm submission has been received and a signed copy will be returned to you if your DOR is approved.​

If all the above criteria are met, DOR will receive preferential pricing. Please note that bids can still be lost if DOR increases their bid price exponentially.

BTI is not liable for the loss of a bid due to DOR’s final bid price.

Points to note:

  • The DOR program is to support and reward those dealers who are actively pursuing business opportunities within community.
  • All BTI Dealers will receive their tier level pricing if no DOR form is submitted and approved.
  • Purely submitting the DOR form does not guarantee preferential pricing. DOR criteria must be met. An approval/denial will be sent after your submission is reviewed.
  • All DOR’s are first come first serve. No exceptions.
  • DOR form must be filled out completely and submitted via email prior to product going out to bid. No DOR will be accepted after the RFQ has been issued.
  • The DOR is awarded on a deal-by-deal basis and does not mean the dealer “owns” the DOR on affiliated product/customer that was originally approved.