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Other Training Aids


Vehicle Assault Training Station

The BTI Virtual Vehicle Training Station is a combination of the Sniper Window Stand, the seat and wheel attachments, and also includes the AR500 Plate reactiveTargets to form a virtual vehicle to practice shooting into and out of vehicles through the windshield. Eliminate the hassle of towing vehicles onto and off of the range. No environmental hazards to worry about.

The Sniper Window Seats turn the Sniper Window Stand into a virtual vehicle. You can place target dummies on the seats for sniper training and calculate bullet deflection. The seats can be utilized by operators or law enforcement personnel to practice shooting through a windshield while seated in the virtual vehicle. (Eye and ear protection must be worn when shooting from the seated position). Can be used in conjunction with BTI Sniper Window Targets.

Front View of Vehicle Assault Training Station

The VATSA is designed to be quickly attached and detached. The targets are reactive when the bullet strikes the target for immediate feedback to the shooter. Is used in conjunction with BTI Sniper Window Stand.