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Fire & Rescue

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Built Tough with Integrity

For the first time ever Breaching Technologies Inc. offers a very unique firefighter training door system. BTI has developed an inward opening door that requires trainees to “Shock, Gap and Pry” the door to successfully breach it. The door is unique in the fact that it is designed to be placed into an existing structure, and like all BTI doors it is ready to breach out of the box. The Firefighter Door Training System also comes on a trailer for mobile training and a stand alone model for classroom and fire house impromptu training.

Fire Training Door & Window

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The only fire training door that easily fits into existing structures. Traditionally fire fighters had to place training Aids (Simulated doors) out in front of existing fire training structures to simulate breaching the door. Now the training aid is the door! Fire training is now more realistic.

The BTI Fire Training Door uses the proprietary color-coded shear in system. The door can be loaded for a basic breach so cadets can practice technique without going “full speed”, or it can be loaded for a more advanced breach requiring two people to breach the door using wedges and gapping techniques. By being able to adjust, instructors can gradually increase force for more advanced scenarios as trainees gain more experience, thereby reducing injuries.

The BTI Fire Training Door has a 3/8″ high steel threshold that fits within NFPA guidelines for trip hazards. The steel threshold is beveled so the couplers will easily glide over the threshold and keep the hose from being cut.

The BTI Fire Training Door has a cut away bottom to allow the door to be closed behind the fire fighter or trainee to help trap smoke inside the room when training.

The BTI Fire Training Door has an adjustable gap between the door and door jamb. This adjustable gap makes it more difficult to get an initial puncture when setting a Halligan tool. This adjustment is for more advanced breaches.

The BTI Fire Training Door has a replaceable door jamb. The door jamb is made of solid steel stock and runs the entire length of the door. It can be flipped and turned four ways before needing to be replaced. It is anticipated that this jamb will last the entire warranted life of the door.

4″ X 2″ X 11 Gauge Outer Frame ASTM A-500
2″ X 2″ X 11 Gauge Inner Frame ASTM A-500
Strike Plate 1/2″ X 12″ X 75″ ASTM A-36
Door Base Plate 4″ X 3/8 ” ASTM A-36
Door Skin 16 Gauge ASTM A-570-33

Door Dimensions:  O/D 84.5 X 41.75
Rough Opening Dimensions: 84.75 X 42.0

The BTI Breaching Training Window Frame allows for training of quick and efficient window breaching using real glass panes. The BTI Training Window comes in a standard 39″x39″ size. We customize any size for an additional fee.

Stinger Steel Handle

The SS-24 and SS-32 are designed to defeat Commercial type doors. This is a dual-purpose tool that provides a sledge hammer and pry tool in one medium weight package. The steel handle and robust pry mechanism make this tool perfectly suited for utilizing the “shock gap, pry” technique.

Open Sez Me / El Llave

The El Llave (The Key) and the Open Sez Me are BTI’s version of a tactical Halligan. It is designed to defeat burglar bars quickly and quietly as well as being perfect for Fire Fighters “Shock Gap Pry” techniques for forcible entry.

Firefighter Halligan Tool


Alloy steel construction
30″ Steel Handle
9 Lbs

Hornet 24"-30" Fiberglass Handle


The BTI Hornet is an affordable, light-weight tactical tool that features an extremely durable fiberglass handle. This tool is manufactured with a 24 inch or 30 inch handle.

Brake & Rake Tool


The unique head of the BTI Break & Rake is built with high strength, hardened 1/4″ AR500 steel for maximum durability. The hardened blade of the break & rake feature includes a sharpened point to punch through glass and serrated edges and a hook to extract curtains, window shades, and blinds.

Consumables & Replacement Parts

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Breaching Pins

BTI’s unique training door system relies on the use of specialized breaching pins that are designed to replicate real world forces found in the field of operation.

Accessories & Gear

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Rescue Knives

Infinity Tactical OTF Strike Force Gen 3
This is a great addition to the BTI Rescue Kit.

Breaching Bags


Tactical Bag makes it convenient to rapidly deploy breaching tools into the field. The Bag can be carried by the handle or slung over the shoulder so that operator is not burdened and can deploy their weapons while approaching their target.