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Become a Distributor

Are you a small distributor looking to become more competitive?

Starting February 1, 2019, all companies acting as distributors of BTI products will be provided pricing under a new tiered pricing schedule. All distributors will begin on February 1, 2019, at the “Distributor” level pricing. Becoming a distributor automatically grants your company a 12% discount off of the retail value.  All new Distributors must pay in advance for BTI equipment for the first $10,000.00. This builds necessary credit for your company. Once your company has sold an additional $10,000 worth of BTI products, and we have received payment in full, your company will be moved to the next tier of “Preferred Distributor” pricing. This allows an additional 5% discount for a total of 17% off of the retail value. Once your company has sold an additional $30,000 in sales you will then advance to the “Premier” pricing tier which allows you an additional 8% discount for a total of 25% off of the retail value. At the “Premier” pricing tier the cumulative 25% discount will be honored for two years.  As long as your company is maintaining the minimum level for each pricing tier you will maintain that level, if your company drops below the minimum amount your pricing tier will drop to the next level down. Excluding the “Premier” pricing tier.

Please contact us at admin@breachingtechnologies.com (or fill out the form below) to obtain a copy of our Distributor Price list reflecting all tiered levels and the appropriate discounts of all our products.

BTI is happy to announce a dramatic drop in the prices of our breaching pins and wood inserts. We have listened to our customers, and after some extensive research we have found a way to lower prices while maintaining the same measurable quality that allows for realistic training. We believe that we have reduced the prices enough to compete with the price of using wood dowels or 1×2’s (which are not consistent in breaking strength). We offer volume pricing for our breaching pins, and wood fillers for the pry door and burglar bar door inserts. Please ask our Sales staff about these discounts.