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Door and Tool Warranty.

BTI breach training doors are engineered and built to withstand the rigors of life-like, real world training. At BTI, we stand behind our product with a 1 Year Breach Door Warranty because we build our products to last. BTI is proud that all our products are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. to the highest standard.

BTI Breaching tools (Other than the BTI Eagle breaching tool, Bolt Cutters and Tool Holders) are warranted for LIFE from date of purchase. In the unlikely event that your BTI tools are damaged and unusable, we will replace them free of charge. Any deviation of the products intended use will void the warranty. Customer is responsible for return shipping to BTI

Our patented breach training system technology was designed and engineered to allow the trainee to receive only the most authentic training. Our competitors often use wooden dowels or other wood products to simulate the forces necessary to breach their training doors.

These products fall short of matching the real-world situations encountered by our military and law enforcement personnel. At BTI, our breaching pins, used in conjunction with our training doors, have been engineered to replicate the forces necessary to breach most secured situations found in battlefield and law enforcement operations.

BTI strives to provide products that provide our customers with real world training so that they are prepared for any situation they encounter in their areas of operation. In addition, our training doors can cut breach training costs by up to 400% and increase training efficient by up to 800%.

Unlike other breach training methods, BTI training doors can be set to breach in a matter of seconds, allowing for a quicker reset time and cutting downtime that other training scenarios require. Our training doors can be installed into an existing training facility or used free standing with a BTI Free Standing leg kit to allow for on-site training at locations of opportunity. BTI training doors are built to last, and greatly reduce the cost of training door replacement. Our training doors can also be custom built (nominal fee) to meet our customer’s needs with the satisfaction that they will be covered by our breach door warranty. See our warranty certificate