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Burglar Bar Door

The BTI Burglar Bar Door is an outward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable life-like Burglar Bar breach training.

The design of the door allows for life-like simulation of setting the pry tool and actually prying the door open. The replacement steel bar bends and the breaching pins break, only when enough force is exerted by the trainee to breach the door.

If Leg Kits are required call BTI for pricing. 

BTI Breaching door warranty

BTI Breaching Doors are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. Our warranty covers manufacturer’s defects. Any deviation of the products intended use, and the use of anything other than BTI breaching pins voids the warranty.

Breaching products used with this door:

Breaching Pins

$216.90 Tax not included

Burglar Bar Bars

$300.72 Tax not included