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Ram Pry Combination Door

The BTI Ram-Pry Door is a versatile inward and outward opening door designed to offer realistic and affordable Ram and Pry breaching training. This door is engineered to quickly convert into an inward opening Ram Door. The patented Pry System can be easily moved out of the way to convert the system for the Ram Training, then are easily reconverted by swinging the pry mechanism back in place.

Along with the Breaching Pins, the Ram-Pry Door utilizes a low-cost wood insert to accept the use of a Halligan tool or other similar Prying Tools. The use of the wood insert allows for realistic training in setting a Halligan or other similar tool and prying an outward opening door.

If Leg Kits are required call BTI for pricing. 

BTI Breaching door warranty

BTI Breaching Doors are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. Our warranty covers manufacturer’s defect. Any deviation of the products intended use, and the use of anything other than BTI breaching pins voids the warranty.

Breaching products used with this door:

Breaching Pins

$216.90 Tax not included

BTI Halligan

$589.53 Tax not included

BTI Stinger

$606.30$789.64 Tax not included

Lite Halligan

$375.07 Tax not included

Pry Door Wood Inserts

$127.24 Tax not included

The Hornet

$524.79 Tax not included