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Shotgun Hinge Door

The BTI Shotgun Hinge door incorporates a unique inward falling door designed that simulates an actual door when the hinges are removed it falls away from the operator which protects trainees once the door has been breached. The Shotgun Hinge Door can simulate up to 3 hinges utilizing the patented hinge system with built-in deflectors and the simulated hinges, the BTI Breaching 1-shot and 2-shot Shotgun Hinge Panels.  The breaching hinge panels are manufactured to simulate door hinges.  Once the hinges are breached, the inward falling door falls away from the trainees allowing for a tactical entry by walking over the door.  The door is coated with a non-skid surface providing stability and traction for a safe training environment. These hinges are one time use.  However, the 2-shot hinge often requires two rounds to defeat the hinge.

If Leg Kits are required call BTI for pricing. 

BTI Breaching door warranty

BTI Breaching Doors are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. Our warranty covers manufacturer’s defect. Any deviation of the products intended use, and the use of anything other than BTI breaching pins voids the warranty.

Breaching products used with this door: