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Patrol Tool Kit Bag, Mity Mouse w/ Stinger BHAL24 Heavy

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Patrol Tool Kit Bag, Mity Mouse w/ Stinger BHAL24 Heavy

$1,885.70 Tax not included

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The BTI Patrol Tool Kit bag, Mity Mouse w/ Stinger BHAL24 Heavy  is an affordable selection of some of our most popular breaching tools. Our kit includes a 40 Lb Mity Mouse Ram 24″ overall length, 30″ Stinger  Breaching Tool, BTI 24″ Halligan pry tool, Breaching Tool Bag, and 2 tool head covers.​


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Mity Mouse (40 Lb) 24″ overall length

The Mity Mouse is the ram of choice for standard field operations (SWAT, ERT, Military). This ram features Jamb Guards for tactical off-hand breaching, preventing the operators from hitting their wrists on inset door jambs and it also prevents over-penetrating weaker doors. The hook-type handles are fully symmetric for left and right handed breaching and are fitted with shock absorbing rubberized hand grips.

Item #: MMR

  • ASTM-A36 steel construction w/ AR 500 Strike Plate
  • Textured rubber grips
  • 24″ Long
  • 40 Lbs

Stinger Breaching Tool 30″

Multi – Purpose Breaching Tool 30″ Handle

Item #: STG30


BTI Halligan Tool 24″

Pry Tool

Item #: BHAL24


Breaching Tool Bag

Berry Compliant – USA Made

Tool Head Cover

Protective Tool Head Covers  (x2)



BTI Breaching tools (Other than the BTI Eagle breaching tool, Bolt Cutters and Tool Holders) are warranted for LIFE from date of purchase.  In the unlikely event that your BTI tools are damaged and unusable, we will replace them free of charge. Any deviation of the products intended use will void the warranty. Customer is responsible for return shipping to BTI