BTI Scrap Book

11th Annual International Breachers Symposium - Springfield, IL - May, 2011

(featuring members of the Illinois State Police SWAT Team)

10th Annual International Breachers Symposium - Tucson, AZ - May, 2010

Soldier Equipment & Tech. Expo. - Fort Bragg, NC - November, 2009

International SWAT Round-Up - Orlando, FL - December, 2009

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BTI doors in use at the Best Sapper competition 2008 X Mile Run - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

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Kamal Jabour Range – Ft. Bliss, TX

Florida SWAT Round Up - Orlando, FL - December, 2008

Breaching Symposium - Chattanooga, TN - November, 2008

"Explosive Door Breach"

"Ram Door Breach"

Modern Day Marine Show - Quantico, VA - Oct., 2008

30' x 30' booth - National Tactical Officers Assoc. (NTOA) Show

Albuquerque, NM - Sep., 2008

BTI booth at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada - 2008

Jeff Gordon training at the ALERRT Facility in San Marcos, Tx - Apr. 18, 2010

Training with a BTI Ram Door prior to deployment.

Watch the video clip (473KB

On The Range In El Paso - BORTAC/SOG 2008

Ram Breaching Door installed on Leg Kit

Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

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Progressive Force Concepts training USAF personnel at Blackhawk Range.

- BTI Pac Ram -

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Explosive Door Training Exersize.

"Fire In The Hole!"

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"BTI doors at the World Swat Challenge, 2006."

Operation HELO RAID

HM3 Carl Van Schaik, a Portland, Oregon native, lays all his might into one swing at breaching a door with a sledgehammer Monday during a raid breaching class. Schaik is a corpsmen for 2nd Platoon, Golf Company, Battalion Landing Team 2/1, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.


The class was part of the Special Operations Training Group's Long Range Helicopter Borne Raid package designed to spin the Ground Combat element into high-gear for the Special Opertions Capable exercise (SOCEX) later this spring.


Photo by: Cpl. Andy Hurt

"Mity Mouse Ram takes out structural members on narcotics raid."

2005 World Swat Competition - Las Vegas, Nevada

Ram Breaching Door mounted in free-standing kit.

Urban Warfare Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO March 2005

Pry Door

Ram Door and Mity Mouse Ram

Shotgun Door

Breaching Window

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Sgt. Harry Fleming of SHD Consulting teaching classes with the 3rd Brigade, Combat Infantry at Fort Campbell, KY; utilizing BTI Ram and Pry Doors, and the Mity Mouse Ram.

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The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) program in San Marcos, Texas utilizing a BTI portable Breaching Door for training.

The BTI Training Door at the TTPOA SWAT competion. September 2003. Houston Texas.

BTI Breaching Door and San Antonio SWAT Team Members.

BTI personnel testing explosive doors.


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