BTI Ram Doors

The BTI Ram Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve inward opening doors. The patented Ram Breaching Door can be installed into a structure or utilized with our optional Free Standing Leg Kit.

Our Ram Door has received a rating of 4.45 out of 5.00 by the NTOA Member Tested Program. Read the review.


Up to 3 lock sets can be simulated utilizing the patented system that replicates either wood or metal door/frame construction methods. Additionally, reinforced pins may be used in scenarios calling for secondary breach points (an unbreachable primary).


The BTI Ram Breaching Door is highly cost effective when compared to the use of actual doors and jury rigged systems.


The Ram Breaching Door comes complete with a standard 36" x 80" door and frame with provisions for mounting in existing frames, doorways or live fire houses without the use of the free-standing

The Ram Breaching Door provides three tactical scenarios with 1 to 3 lock simulations in each:


     1.  Locked wood frame door
     2.  Locked steel frame door

     3.  Fortified door (unbreachable)

Reinforced Ram Door

The Reinforced Ram Breaching Door is constructed in the same manner as the standard Ram Breaching Door. This door has been reinforced with one inch steel to replace the one-half inch used on the standard Ram Breaching Door.

The one inch steel strike plate on the Reinforced Ram Breaching Door makes this door truly "heavy-duty".

The BTI Free-Standing Leg Kit can be used with all BTI Doors. The optional Free-Standing Leg Kit allows the door to be placed and anchored as desired.


The door and leg kit system can easily be transported, carried and erected by two individuals in a matter of minutes. This is ideal for onsite training at locations of opportunity.

Reverse Ram Door

BTI offers Reverse Opening as an option on the Ram Breaching Door. This door is manufactured and used identically as the standard Ram Door with the exception that the door opens on the left side.

Ram Door

View Breach Training Exercise Video (4.3MB)


 Dual Swing Ram Door

The Dual Swing Ram Door from BTI gives the operator the flexibility of breaching the door from the inside or the outside.

Special hinges allow the Dual Swing Ram Door to open both ways.

Download a copy of the manual.

BTI Breaching Pins are patented, engineered pins that replicate the forces normally encountered in real world breaching operations. One to three pins are utilized during each breach depending on the number of lock sets simulated.

Through extensive testing of actual doors, BTI pins are able to replicate those forces found when breaching wood, metal and reinforced door/frame structures.


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