BTI Explosive Breaching Kit

The Patented BTI Explosive Breaching Kit consists of a durable, reusable stand, a free standing leg kit and a supply of doors.


The Kit allows the user to safely breach hollow core wood doors, solid core wood doors and metal doors using explosives. Both pushing charges and cutting charges may be used.


This unique system provides a quick change-out of breached doors that dramatically reduces down time and is cost effective when compared to using actual doors and frames or jury rigged systems.

The BTI Explosive Breaching Kit is designed to promote realism in training. The intent is to allow explosive beaching personnel to be incorporated into the breaching unit during training.

Download a copy of the manual.

Explosive Door Frame

The durable, reusable stand is designed to withstand standard explosive door charges. This means that any reasonable door charge that would defeat a two inch solid core wood door or a light metal door can be used.

Large, easy to use "T" handles & our Patented Hinge Clamps provide increased efficiency and cost savings...no need to replace hinges or door frames

Fully adjustable. Fits any size door. Doors are easy to load.


High quality solid core, hollow core & metal doors are in stock. Available at competitive prices.


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