BTI Collapsible Tools

BTI Collapsible

Breaching Tools

The Collapsible Breaching Tool from BTI is available in titanium or steel, is virtually indestructible when used in accordance with our manufacturers warranty and WILL NOT inadvertently collapse even under the most demanding conditions . Weighing under seven pounds the 100% titanium version (handle & heads) is stronger than steel yet exceedingly light weight. In steel or titanium...this Patent Pending "three in one" tool is designed and manufactured by BTI to exacting standards.

    *  FEP Coating for durability and noise reduction.

    *  Multi-function capability includes:

       -  Halligan tool with angled head and thin blade for easy insertion.

       -  Hinge raking tool and spike.

       -  Manufacturers warranty.


(P/N T31)


The Thinnest Halligan Blade available includes an elliptical shaped spike.

Elliptical Shaped Spike opens a wide range of padlocks

Elliptical Shaped Spike opens a wide range of padlocks

BTI Collapsible Sledge Hammer

The Collapsible Sledge Hammer from BTI allows you the ability to use this product at your discretion with the advantage of a collapsible handle (available in titanium or steel) that WILL NOT inadvertently collapse. The removable Chrome Molly head and collapsible handle make this compact yet heavy duty tool a "must have" in every breachers kit.


     *  Chrome Molly head hardened to Rc-45.

     *   Longest extended length available.

     *   Shortest collapsed length available.

     *   Flat head surface for positive contact
     *   Manufacturers warranty.

     *   Patent Pending.

     *   MADE IN THE USA!


BTI Collapsible

Breaching Tool

Specifications                                      Titanium                                              Steel

Part Number:                                        T31                                                     S31

Collapsed Length:                                 16"                                                     16"

Extended Length:                                  30 1/2"                                                30 1/2"

Detachable Heads:                                2                                                         2

Head Weight:                                         4 lbs.                                                  7 lbs  8 oz.

Handle Weight:                                      2 lbs. 10 oz.                                       4 lbs. 8 oz.

Total Weight:                                         6 lbs. 10 oz.                                        12 lbs.

BTI Collapsible



Specifications                              Titanium       Steel

Part Number:                               TSLG           SSLG

Collapsed Length:                        15 3/4"        15 3/4"

Extended Length:                         24 1/4"        24 1/4"

Head Weight:                                9 lbs.          11 lbs.

Chrome Molly Head hardened to Rc-45

Patent Pending Tapered Head Attachment


Manufacturers Warranty: BTI warrants these tools against any and all manufacturing defects. These tools are warrantied for hand use only. The use and/or application of artificial or mechanical assistance on the tool will void any and all warranty claims.


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