BTI Eagle

(P/N T31)


BTI Eagle Collapsible Breaching Tool

(P/N EGL & EGLF) (Patent Pending) (NSN: 4240016580320)

The Collapsible BTI Eagle Multi-Function tool is a sledge hammer, pry tool and hinge raking tool all in one.

Available with a fixed head (P/N EGLF) or a detachable head (P/N EGL), this tool is virtually indestructible when used in accordance with our manufacturers warranty and WILL NOT inadvertently collapse even under the most demanding conditions This Patent Pending "three in one" tool is designed and manufactured by BTI to precise standards.

Part #:    Fixed Head: EGLF    Detachable Head: EGL



   *  Triple Start Acme Threads for fast head attachment.

   *  Multi-function capability includes:

         - Sledge Hammer.

         - Halligan Tool with angled head and thin blade for easy insertion.

         - Hinge raking tool.

         - Manufacturers warranty.



Collapsed Length: 15 3/4"


Extended Length: 24 1/2"


Weight: 10 lb


#EGLFK Eagle Tool Holder

Use the head

removal tool to

remove and install

the head

Head removal tool

stowed in handle

BTI Eagle ---  Collapsible Handle Instruction

Manufacturers Warranty: BTI warrants these tools against any and all manufacturing defects. These tools are warrantied for hand use only. The use and/or application of artificial or mechanical assistance on the tool will void any and all warranty claims.


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